A working farm in the Pantanal - 250km from the City of Corumbá - MS

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Stay with us in comfort and be surrounded by beautiful nature and wildlife.

Example Tour Itinerary

Day 1:

04.00 Leave Corumba and drive into the Pantanal along the Estrada Parque (Park Road).

06.00 Stop for a picnic breakfast at Porto da Manga, and take the ferry across the Rio Paraguai, then continue along the Estrada Parque.

08.00 Leave the Estrada Parque and drive through the Pantanal to Fazenda Ecologica Quatro Cantos. This journey will take 6 - 9 hours (with a break for a picnic lunch), depending on the road conditions. There is beautiful scenery and wildlife spotting opportunities along the way, so there will be several stops to enjoy the views and take photos.

19.00 Dinner at Fazenda Quatro Cantos.

Day 2:

07.00 Breakfast.

08.00 Trekking (between 2-4 hours).

12.00 Lunch and siesta.

15.00 Horseriding (between 2-3 hours).

19.00 Dinner at Fazenda Quatro Cantos.

21.00 Nocturnal jeep safari (between 1-2 hours).

Day 3:

05.00 Sunrise walk (between 1-2 hours).

07.00 Breakfast.

08.00 Piranha fishing.

11.00 Swimming in the Rio Corixão.

12.00 Lunch and siesta.

15.00 Trekking (between 2-4 hours).

19.00 Dinner at Fazenda Quatro Cantos.

Day 4:

07.00 Breakfast.

08.00 Departure from the Pantanal. The journey back to Corumba will take between 10-12 hours, with a break for a picnic lunch. Again, the journey will take you through remote and beautiful areas of the Pantanal, so there will be plenty of stops to enjoy the views.

Please note that all schedule times are approximate! 


Tour Options

Our tours are quite flexible. We can include different activities, according to your requests. However all members of the tour group must agree to do the same options.

Activity options:

Boat tour, canoeing, tubing on the Rio Miranda, night boat tour, horseriding, piranha fishing, trekking.

Travel options:

Jeep in - jeep out.

Jeep in - flight out.

Flight in - jeep out.

Accomodation Options:



Private rooms.


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